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Dualvis.io increases the emotion of what you see on TV by offering a second screen experience, free mobile application, that links smartphones and tablets with users that are eager to interact with their favorite live TV shows. The TV is now a two-way experience and our solutions allows the audience to intervene the main screen while they interact with the show moderator. Advertisers also benefit from the experience as they can improve brand awareness by syncronizing their ads on the TV and on the smart device.

Internet has changed the way people consume their content. Younger generations expect a lot more from their media providers. They expect relevancy, immediacy and interactivity.

For traditional TV networks, it is difficult to keep up with Internet trends and present their contents in a way that is appealing to the Internet generation. Dualvis.io is a hassle free solution for networks that want to connect with this younger people but don't know how.

Our services

The turnkey solution provided makes it easy and fast to start making interactive experiences for your live TV shows.

Their voice on tv

Empower your audience and give them the chance to express themselves on the TV screen.

Increase viewing time

When your audience is more engaged interacting, they spend more time watching your TV shows.

Consistent look between Apps and TV

You can customize App texts, images and colors so they are consistent with your own TV shows.

Second Screen for ads

Viewers are more engaged when TV and App ads are syncronized.


Know how many people are interacting with the program in real time.

Plug & Play

You can start interacting with your audience right away.

Interesting Facts

People are changing how they consume content and TV networks must adapt to stay relevant for younger generations.
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Our Portfolio

We can turn different kinds of contents into an interactive experience that keeps your audience engaged. An interactive experience for multiple shows that is unique but consistent overall.

Our Team

We are a multifunctional team with more than 45 years of combined experience in the mobile space and the three founders have been working together for more than 10 years. We want to change the way people watch TV.

Andrés Vizcarrondo


Miguel Angel Sucre


Ricardo Blanch


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